Sunday, 12 June 2011

Leichner foundation review

L.1 blend of beige, R.2 blend of caramel

this is a re post for those who noticed, i don't know what happened to the first post regarding this, without wasting anymore time, ill continue to redo this review

about Leichener foundation?.... well it suppose to be worlds famous foundation that is professional, and used by photographic studios, television, theatre and by professional makeup artists worldwide!.... hmm not sure if they are famous but there are many other foundations out there that are hyped about.. must haves!

its suppose to be all day moisturising foundation that is good for flawless finish every time. or great base for applying makeup

in my opinion i do think the consistency of this foundation is very thick, but the true test remains after application if its like a full coverage foundation, or just adds light coverage and colour.

well i can definitely say that it does covers skin 65% and rest transparent mask, showing glowyness

this is definitely suitable for dry skin or combination. not oily

i just find the caramel colour exact match for me,

so what do you think? does the swatch of the product that is blended into my skin gives a camera hugging skin loving photogenic appeal

there are so many competing product making claims

i kinda think it does on my face, but the rest is for you guys to try out the low end camera friendly moisturising foundation for your self... and do let me know ;-)



  1. how much was the foundation?

  2. I was about to repurchase this as the first time I ordered it I thought it was way to dark for me and from your swatches I thought blend of beige would be great and then I realised that is the exact one I had and that it blends out alot lighter lol x